Senate passes Hansen’s bill enabling police agencies to recoup costs

LANSING—The state Senate on Tuesday approved a measure that would help law enforcement agencies recover more money to aid in the prosecution of certain crimes.

Senate Bill 191, sponsored by Sen. Goeff Hansen, would expand the list of criminal offenses for which cost recovery may be ordered by the court.

“We mustn’t get in the way of police agencies in their fight against crime,” said Hansen, R-Hart. “My bill help police to recoup costs.”

SB 191 would enable law enforcement agencies to recover investigative costs associated with violations or attempted violations of retail fraud—specifically shoplifting.

The legislation also would allow for cost recovery for the arrest and transportation of those who fail to appear for their scheduled court appearance.

Hansen said he introduced the bill after the Fruitport Township Police Department approached him regarding increasing incidents of retail fraud at the Lakes Mall and the many businesses that surround the mall. The department outlined the costs involved in investigating these crimes.

“Retail fraud can drain law enforcement resources,” Hansen said. “Local agencies should be empowered to reimburse these costs.”

SB 191 has been sent to the Michigan House for further consideration.