Hansen: New law will deter crime, save money

Sen. Goeff Hansen

Sen. Goeff Hansen

LANSING, Mich. — A new law sponsored by Sen. Goeff Hansen expands the number of crimes for which a person may be required to reimburse the state or local units of government.

Senate Bill 44, now Public Act 241 of 2017, adds a number of crimes to the list of those for which reimbursement of expenses may be ordered. These include retail fraud, dealing in stolen goods, and failure to make a court-ordered court appearance.

Hansen said the law came about in response to rising incidences of retail fraud at The Lakes Mall in Muskegon County and the strain on local law enforcement to serve the area.

“A number of retail fraud task forces have been created throughout the state to address the increasing number of people arrested for shoplifting or otherwise trying to defraud Michigan retailers,” said Hansen, R-Hart. “This law is a further deterrent to crime and will save money by reducing costs to the state and to local units of government.”