Hansen attends governor’s signing of his bill deterring crime

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Goeff Hansen on Tuesday attended the bill signing of Senate Bill 44 (Public Act 241 of 2017), Hansen’s measure expanding the number of crimes for which a person may be required to reimburse the state or local units of government.

Also in attendance for the signing was Detective Bruce Morningstar of the Norton Shores Police Department. Morningstar brought to Hansen’s attention the issue of rising incidences of retail fraud at The Lakes Mall in Muskegon County and the strain on local law enforcement to serve the area.

“Detective Morningstar was instrumental in the creation of this law,” said Hansen, R-Hart. “We now have on the books a further deterrent to crime that will save money by reducing costs to the state and to local units of government.”

Under PA 241, the crimes added to the list of those for which reimbursement of expenses may be ordered include retail fraud, dealing in stolen goods, and failure to make a court-ordered court appearance.

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